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Home remodeling shouldn’t be scary. Our process is like our designs—it just makes sense.

At DESIGNfirst, remodeling is more than an upgrade—it’s a way to completely change the way you think about your home. Our Chicago remodeling team knows how to tap into a home’s hidden potential to create the best living space and the best value for your budget.

Remodeling the DESIGNfirst Way

The Chicago remodeling experts at DESIGNfirst have one priority: Design and build a remodel that’s the best possible fit for you and your home. When we look at a home, we see all of its hidden potential, but most of all, we see a space that matters to the people who live in it. That’s why our remodeling team focuses on designing and building spaces that make sense, that fit inside your budget and that increase your home’s value for years to come.

Simplifying the home remodeling process

At DESIGNfirst, we make the construction process of home remodeling totally transparent and utterly painless. You always know who is in charge and who to contact with any questions or concerns, and we’ll provide you with progress updates and cost reports as often as you like.

We believe in a surprise-free remodeling process, so you’ll never have to wonder about whether we’re staying on-time or on-budget. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes, so we make the process as simple as possible.

When you’re considering remodeling in Chicago

We know—home remodeling can be a stressful process. That’s why we make it as easy as possible, from your first design consultation until we pack up our tools and leave you with your beautiful new home.

We start by visiting your home for a free consultation, so we can assess the property’s infrastructure, style and amenities. Our ultimate goal? Design a space that combines the features you want and deserve with the ones that add real, lasting value to your home.

The DESIGNfirst home remodeling team drafts architectural designs for homes of all styles and sizes, and we’ll present you with our concepts for your remodel with a clear rationale. Before we ever start construction, you’ll know what you’re getting, what it costs and how it will improve your home.

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