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Home Addition in Palatine

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$70k – $90k





It’s dingy, damp, and you causes you to run when someone turns the lights off; but your Basement is a potential gold mine when it comes to improving your property!

According to an article written by houselogic, most basements can offer a high return on your investment; nearly 69% of its cost, as well as add valuable and usable space to your home. Here in Chicago-land, especially in the city, lots are tight. Building out or even up isn’t always a viable solution. So; why not focus on what you have under those feet?

Remodeling your basement can range greatly in price, depending on what you want to add to the space. With DESIGNfirst, a typical bare-bones basement may run you close to $35,000; but add in all the things that will truly make a basement great and the cost climbs appropriately. Many of our clients need more living space, but also additional bathrooms as well as sleeping areas.

The good news is, DESIGNfirst is completely transparent with our pricing. We have no problem showing you line item cost for the project at hand, as well as details as to how we’ll get it done. Considering your return is often close to 70% of your investment at completion; the project basically pays for itself, given it’s designed appropriately of course. How can it be so high you ask? Much of the return comes from the idea that the scope is much more limited than it is dealing with property lines, setbacks and new construction. Many of the structural components are already built for you; therefore you won’t have to worry about increased costs.

Remember, not all lower levels are created equal, and some limitations apply based on zoning, head height space, light and vent, etc. We at DESIGNfirst take all those limitations into consideration when we design your space!


Your bathroom is your safe space. It’s the one room in the house you can “escape” to. So why haven’t more people taken the opportunity to make that ‘safe space’ a magnificent one? Most homeowners look at remodeling as a struggle in which they are responsible for it’s completion. However, DESIGNfirst Builders approach allows the client to fully embrace a process that give them peace of mind, and no ‘dirty hands’. The biggest hurdle is setting up a consultation… but with our ‘Free In-home consultation, we took care of that excuse.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association today’s remodels are trending toward simplicity. Home-owners want that clean, more contemporary look and feel, all while keeping a sense of comfort and coziness. Home-owners look for a fusion of styles, both rustic and modern in feel. It can be a touch mix, but with the right designers, it can turn out better than excepted.

Typically bathrooms lend themselves to be more white; white materials giving the sense of cleanliness of course, but that trend is shifting to darker cabinets and more metal. We here at DESIGNfirst have seen first hand the shift happening. It’s excited to see clients explore the possibilities of stepping outside of the ‘norm’, so to speak.


This home, in the Hoffman Estates area was transformed into a showstopper by renovating spaces throughout the entire house. For this project the homeowners resulting design provided more modern facilities such as updated kitchen and bath designs. Much more than that, the design integrated the owners’ style and personality throughout the entire home, such as the reclaimed barn wood flooring incorporated into several rooms.

A kitchen renovation is a significant endeavor that involves seeing both the big picture (layout, design, and style) and the details (appliances, cabinet accessories, tiles, and much more). The design you select must fit your home decor and enhance your lifestyle, and the details you add must be both functional and fit the style of your space. For the avid cook in a busy household, an Elkay Lustertone Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink is one of those small details that can make a big difference in your day-to-day kitchen life. Hand blended to a highlighted Lustertone satin finish, this durable sink is constructed of thick 18-gauge stainless steel. A magnificent blend of traditional and contemporary themes, Ekay Harmony Lusterstone sinks embodies simplicity yet resonates sophistication. Featuring straight lines and round profiles, this family offers an unrivaled transitional geometry.

The beautifully open space designed, has created more storage and walk way throughout the home. Our designers went with cabinetry by Diamond in an Opaque Coconut (Opaque with Glaze) or “Inspired Collection” painted finish. Because of its unique characteristics, this finish is quite different from other cabinetry finishes you may be familiar with. These cabinets really give this kitchen the perfect touch for someone who is in need of much space and storage for a big busy family.

As you’ll notice, you’ll find the accent backsplash throughout the kitchen counters. Our designers chose MSI Premium Natural Stones in Colonial White. Natural Stone is a product of nature and is natrually subject to inherent variations in color, shade & veining. Natural stone’s mineral characteristics create a visible texture within the stone and are to be expected in the finished product.

From drab to fab, this whole remodel is such an inspiration!

Have a look at the difference a total home renovation can make!


Today’s Feature Friday presents, Miss Bonni’s Kitchen from Lake Forest, IL.

What better way to start off the new year, with a brand new kitchen remodel? This beautifully modernized kitchen will make you want to reconsider the functions of your own kitchenette! With the tastefully finished flooring from Eleganza, our designers used a Wood Land Maple/Gray styled floor tiling along the kitchen, laundry room and powder room. If you notice you’ll be able to see the detailed back splash from Vicostone Quartz in Bianco Romano, these details really give the kitchen area a special touch. Let’s not forget the rich cabinetry and counter tops that really puts this kitchen together! The cabinetry and counter tops, featured are from Decora in a Brandywine Espresso finish (cabinets) and Cobblestone finish for their counter tops.

Be inspired with this design, and have the kitchen you deserve!

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