Basement Remodeling Bloomingdale IL

Basement Remodeling Bloomingdale IL

When you have a home that is beginning to feel cramped, you will want to think about adding more space. If a home addition is not something that you can even consider, you may want to look into your options for basement remodeling in Bloomingdale IL to get the job done. It is all a matter of thinking about the current basement design that you have, putting a budget together and then formulating a plan of action.

There are many homeowners that would have never thought initially that their basement could be an area that is warm and inviting. However, when you work with the right experts, you will have the chance to turn your dump storage space into a functional piece of the puzzle that you call home. The possibilities are endless, and you are guaranteed to find that the right basement renovation can add a considerable amount of value to your life as well as the overall value of the home itself.

Your Existing Space

Do you have a basement that is currently bare and you only use it for storing a few items? Such a blank canvas can make for an incredible opportunity for adding a whole new level of enjoyment to your home. This is a way where you can expand on the area and finish it off with flooring, drywall, and paint with some of the most beautiful fixtures for a complete look.

Fill Out The Home

Many homeowners look at basement remodeling in Bloomingdale IL as a way to add another full-size bathroom to the home. Others will use this renovation as a chance to put in an extra bedroom for a guest space or an entertainment area for a home theater or playroom for the kids. If you happen to work from home, this can be a great area to use for a private office where you can get a decent amount of work done.


No matter what you are looking to do with the basement in your home, putting together a remodeling project is an excellent opportunity to customize to your liking. If you have the funds within your budget, you have the ability to put together the ultimate space that will more than enhance your lifestyle. Regardless of the size of your basement or the current layout, a professional design team can make this a shining element of your home that brings you many years of joy.

Design First holds all of the answers when you are in search of quality basement remodeling in Bloomingdale IL. We have worked on countless projects in the area, and we like to consider ourselves to be basement remodel and design specialists. All you have to do is come to us with your renovation ideas, and we will have the ability to put together a plan for a beautiful basement that enhances the living space in your home. Just contact us to set up a time for a consultation, and you will be well on your way to getting your basement remodeling project started.

Basement Remodeling Bloomingdale IL

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