Basement Remodeling Elmhurst IL

Basement Remodeling Elmhurst IL

When you are contemplating basement remodeling in Elmhurst IL, you need to have a design that fits in with your needs. At the same time, this is a project that needs to also fit with the budget that you have to work with. This is where our team at Design First can help. All you have to do is contact us, and we can help you to create a finished basement that is going to last for years to come.

It goes without saying that you want your basement renovation to be beautiful, but you also need a space that is truly functional. A lot of contracting companies will end up using above-grade materials which ends up being a disaster. You should know that these materials can end up riddled with mold and mildew when used in a basement, so we work against that to give you the right result.

When putting together a basement remodel, it is best to have the desired space inspected first so that you can determine the level of moisture. If it seems that you have a notable amount of moisture in your basement, you will want to have it waterproofed before the remodel begins. We have experience with basement remodels, and we can make sure that we use materials that are not only mold-resistant but also inorganic and completely waterproof. These materials are made for projects like basement remodeling in Elmhurst IL and will give you the durable and long-lasting result you want for your new space 

Our Projects

You can count on design first to only use the best designs and smartest materials when working on basement renovations in IL. We work with flooring that is not going to delaminate or warp, and we only use ceiling tiles that have a warranty to protect against mildew and mold. It is important to us on all of our basement projects that our customers are happy and that they never have to worry about damage from moisture in the future. We can also go over your option of having a dehumidifier feature installed so that you can eliminate moisture.

Contractors That You Can Trust

If you are like many homeowners, you are looking for a way that you can increase the amount of usable square footage that you have. A basement remodel is just right for this type of goal, and you have the chance to add a home gym, private office, family room, home theater space, or a spare bedroom. All you have to do is let us know what your ideas are and we have trusted designers and contractors that are ready to get to work.

There is nothing like knowing that you are working with the best when you are in need of basement remodeling in Elmhurst IL. Contact us today at Design First, and we can set up a time for a consultation to go over your wants and needs in a new basement design. Whether you are looking to finish the existing space or you want to fill out your home, we will come up with a plan that is tailored to your exact needs.

Basement Remodeling Elmhurst IL

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