Basement Remodeling Naperville IL

Basement Remodeling Naperville IL

With the holidays and the new year fast approaching, you may be thinking of basement remodeling in Naperville IL to expand your entertainment and living areas. We can finish or refinish your basement and install wet bars, game rooms, home theatres, a home gym, and much more. Contact the basement remodeling experts at Design First to schedule an in-home estimate today. Basement remodeling is a home investment with a substantial ROI.

Problems with Mold or Moisture in Your Basement?

Many of our clients have had moisture issues, flooding, sump pump problems, or other issues that have led to mold or mildew in their already finished basements. When this happens, we usually have to tear out everything and start anew. We see this a lot with older homes, mostly because of the materials used in basements in the past.  Mold and mildew thrive on wood and other dead, organic materials. Mold needs something to eat in order to grow. The materials used to remodel basements just 15-30 years ago are ideal hosts for mold and mildew. Design First eliminates the food sources that mold eats and uses to grow and eliminates all of the moisture from your basement.

It's sad to see when a person spends lots of money getting their basement done but then have to spend more money to get their basements fixed just a few years later. The upside is that once Design First fixes your basement, the result will be permanent. You will have a modern, clean, healthy, asthetic basement that will last for many, many years to come.

Basement Remodeling Will Increase Your Home's Equity

A finished basement adds value to your home in numerous ways, such as by increasing your home equity. A home's appraised value you is generally determined by its finished square footage. A finished basement increases that number dramatically and thus increases the value of your home. Again, basement remodeling is a great investment that will pay off in countless ways over the years.

Basement Remodeling Will Increase the Usable Space in Your Home

A finished basement will substantially increase your usable living space. Finishing your basement could add a living space to your home the same size or larger than your first floor. A finished basement can increase a home's living space by as much as 33% for the average two-story home and by as much as 50% for the average ranch. You can practically double the size of your house just by finishing your basement.

Contact Design First for Basement Remodeling in Naperville IL

Design First is a premium basement design company offering 21st Century basement remodeling in Naperville IL. We strive to provide all of our clients with the region's best basement and home remodeling services. A finished basement can provide seemingly endless benefits to your home and your family, not the least of which being saved money and more time spent with the people who matter most. Contact Design First to get your free estimate today.

Basement Remodeling Naperville IL

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