Home Additions Evanston IL

Home Additions Evanston IL

Design First provides customized home additions in Evanston IL for homeowners looking to expand and increase the value of their homes. We offer high-quality carpentry at the lowest prices in the state. For a list of professional references or to see our reviews, feel free to contact us and look us up online.

Making your house an ideal home stems from having a strong home improvement foundation. From renovation to modernization, from expansion to conversion, our professional craftsmen pride themselves on turning your vision into a reality. We carry out the highest quality work on time every time. Contact us today to get your home addition started.

Identifying an Accurate Target Budget

Design First will come to your home and give you an in-person quote. The first thing you must do before we can plan or begin your home addition project is to commit to a target budget. This will provide you with a project framework and will help us to locate and acquire the proper materials for your job. Many times, people will design the addition, and the homeowner can't afford to build it because they did not consider the target budget up front. With our assistance, we can develop a detailed and accurate budget, down the drywall nails.

With that said, it is vital that every phase of the design process takes a step closer towards finishing on or below budget. What does this mean? Everything you pick out for your home addition project, such as your cabinets, fixtures, paint, and everything else; all of these things must fit into your overarching budget. Poorly planned home additions rarely ever end well.

Coordinating Your Project

You must coordinate and get everybody on board and working on the same page. Remember, you're the boss of your project. The more well-defined that the parameters you set are, and the more clearly your vision is articulated to all parties, the better your crew will be able to work together to turn your vision into a reality. Try to state all expected deadlines clearly and when you expect everybody to turn in their portion of the work. This will help keep things organized and well-directed.

In a home addition, you're going to need an architectural engineer and an interior design expert. After their work is done, somebody has to put together a job scope that will detail every task that must be completed. This is where a project manager comes in. Always keep an open line of communication between you and your project manager as well as each service provider that works on your project. Don't be shy about communicating your thoughts, giving input, asking questions, or requesting updates or advice as often as you please. Quality service providers are courteous, professional, and accommodating at all times.

Contact Design First to Get Your Project Started

The most important thing is to stay committed. Once you commit to your plan of action, don't deviate from it. Don't begin to second-guess or have your crew change direction on a whim. The result may not be pleasing, your deadlines likely won't be met, and you might easily end up spending a lot more than you planned. Compare several contractors and decide with your gut. Be sure to check out Design First for quality home additions in Evanston IL.

Home Additions Evanston IL

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