Home Additions Wheaton IL

Home Additions Wheaton IL

While it is nice to think that you can merely tack a new room onto your home and consider it done, there is a lot more that goes into home additions in Wheaton IL. Taking your time to think about what you want and need for additional space will help you to settle on the best design. The result will be an addition that not only adds value to your lifestyle but also the overall value of your home itself. 

Select Your Addition Style 

If you are going to be putting a home addition on, you need to think about the style that is best. You can match the old with the new, think about building up with a second story or extending a room on the side of your home. Some homeowners will put on another place that can be used as a guest suite while others are looking for a way to expand the living space to enjoy for family time or entertaining. 

Home additions in Wheaton IL can be built in just about any direction, and they can come in any size or shape. Take into consideration the design and purpose for the space to see what will work best for you. If you are unsure of the right direction to go, working with a builder that you can trust to help with the layout is the best option. 


Another thing that your contractor can help you with is making sure that you have all of the right materials to pull off the look and feel you are going for. When you are hoping to match everything with your existing structure, careful selection of materials and subcontractors will be essential. You should listen to expert tips for extending the foundation, adding to the roof, picking out all of the finishes and then selection all of the operational systems.

Project Planning

Hiring a general contractor that has plenty of experience will be the only way to take on a home addition project. While some homeowners think that they can do an addition on their own with the help of friends, working with a contractor will give you proper planning and timelines. Your contractor will have the design in mind and take care of hiring all of the subcontractors to do the finishing work for your space. They will also be able to work with your local suppliers to get the best possible pricing for your materials.

Design First wants you to know projects home additions in Wheaton IL do not have to be a daunting task to take on. We have the experience and skill that you want to have in a design team and you can trust that we have your satisfaction in mind when planning home addition projects. Contact us today and we can talk with you about the space you are looking to create and how you can improve on the value and square footage of your home with the right addition design. We look forward to helping you complete your project for a space that you can enjoy for years to come.

Home Additions Wheaton IL

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