Kitchen Remodeling Evanston IL

Kitchen Remodeling Evanston IL

The number of reasons that people hire Design First for kitchen remodeling in Evanston IL are as numerous as the kitchen designs and appliances that can be added to your home. Design First is the remodeling contractor locals know and depend on for quality work at an affordable price. We work fast, efficiently, and safely on all remodeling projects. Feel free to check our reviews and references to learn more.

We Provide Kitchen Remodeling of Every Size and Scope

Design First offers professional kitchen remodeling in Evanston IL for every need and budget. Whether your kitchen remodeling project is small or large, we will transform your current kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams in no time. While many homeowners give preference to their living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, attics, and basements, the kitchen is the heart of a home. It's where food is stored, meals are cooked, cocktails are prepared, and it's the source from which all of the marvelous odors of holiday cooking permeate the entire home. Design First can finish the average kitchen remodeling project in Evanston IL in less than one week from the time an estimate is given.

Choose Your Kitchen Design

The options for modern kitchen designs are endless. For example, you may want a chef-centric kitchen with a walk-in refrigerator, food prep station, and lots of modern appliances to enhance your meal-cooking and food preparation abilities. Conversely, others want a more simple kitchen with a contemporary feel. These kinds of kitchens are typically cozier looking with limited appliances and furnishings. Still, others use their kitchens as a frequent gathering location within their homes. Such individuals may choose to install flatscreen TVs, comfortable chairs, a kitchen island, a full bar, and more. Many of our Evanston neighbors have limited mobility and require ADA-friendly kitchen designs. Whatever your need is, you can depend on Design First to transform your kitchen for you.

Increase Your Home's Market Value

Not only will a modern kitchen upgrade add equity to your home, but it will also look more appealing to potential buyers in the event you should sell your home. At Design First, we are experts at remodeling kitchens to enhance and compliment the rest of their home. Plus, you and anyone else who uses or visits your kitchen will just love its brand new feel.

What We Quote is What You Will Pay

Design First covers everything from the tiles on the floor to the lighting fixtures on your ceiling. From the planning phase to execution, we listen to you and bring your ideas to life. Plus, when you contract us, you can rest assured that the quote we give you is what you will pay as long as you don't change your mind or add to the project once we start. We never surprise our clients with hidden or unexpected fees.

We Provide Environmentally-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Services

In today's world, energy conservation is at the forefront of everything we do. With smart appliances, energy saving lights, and even WaterSense faucets, you will save you gobs of money over the years and help your home contribute to water and energy conservation. Also, if we must remove old cabinets, drywall, appliances, or other materials upon remodeling your kitchen, you can trust that will dispose of them safely, legally, and in an environmentally sound way. Contact Design First for expert kitchen remodeling in Evanston IL.

Kitchen Remodeling Evanston IL

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