Home Additions Elmhurst IL

Home Additions Elmhurst IL

When it comes to remodeling your home, there is no such thing as home additions in Elmhurst IL that are one-size-fits-all. A home addition will come in all different types and styles, and you can pick and choose what you want to bring your living space to a whole new level. You can think about adding on a small sunroom or even putting on a significant addition that includes a guest suite and bathroom. The sky is the limit, especially if you are familiar with all of the different types of additions that are most often used.

Another great thing about a home addition is that you can set you budget and come up with additional living space. This is something that not only adds value to your life but also adds a great deal of value to the home itself. With a room addition, you are adding on a new room to your home, plain and simple. Some of the more involved home renovation projects will involve the addition of several places to create an even larger floor plan. 

Bump Outs

Along with a room addition, another type of home addition is called a bump out. This is an addition that is just scaled down. These are basically enhancements for an existing room that may only add another 40 to 50 square feet to your living room or add a nook to your kitchen for a breakfast bar. Some homeowners like to do bump outs for their master bathroom so that they can add a walk-in shower or a powder room. If you happen to have a dining area that is too cramped, a bump out is an excellent choice for making the space more accessible to navigate and more livable.


The sunrooms of days gone by used to be a bit drafty and the structure were often rather flimsy in comparison to the home itself. However, the sunrooms of today have evolved into something quite spectacular. You now have the option of thermal-resistant glass and stunning layouts that will really add a lovely touch to your home and an inviting place to relax. 

Garage Conversions

If you happen to have a garage that you are only using for storage, you may want to think of converting it as you explore home additions in Elmhurst IL. These spaces are tempting to convert, and there are countless options that you have for uses. It is best that you work closely with a designer and contractor that you trust so that you can get the HVAC system necessary for such a conversion if there isn’t anything currently in place.

When you are not sure of the type of addition you would like but you know that one is in your near future, you can count on our team at Design First. We would like to help you with home additions in Elmhurst IL so that you have a home that you love with all of the usable space that you need. We are your number one resource for everything having to do with home additions.

Home Additions Elmhurst IL

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