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Custom Homes in Elmhurst, IL

Building a custom home is an extremely exciting prospect, but the work of both designing and constructing can be difficult and confusing, especially if you have a lot of dream details that you want to include. DESIGNfirst Builders is here to help. We can custom-create the home of your dreams in Elmhurst, IL, and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Our Custom Homes

When we say custom, we really mean it. You can decide how many stories you want on your home, how many bathrooms and bedrooms to include, how large or small your yard will be, and how many extra rooms you want. You can shape the rooms to your heart’s desire and bring all of your dreams to reality. Our design team will work with you to bring your design to life.


Then, once you’re satisfied, we’ll build the perfect custom home for you using the highest-quality materials for everything. We never cut corners, and we never settle for anything other than the best. We take pride in our custom homes in Elmhurst, IL, so you can trust us to build yours.


With over a decade of experience handling every aspect of home construction, we’re confident that we can help you with your home. Call us today at 630-250-7777.

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