About our client

Bartlett, Illinois

The clients have been in their home in Bartlett for years. With grown children leaving the home, it was time for them to renovate their kitchen for their lifestyle.


This family wanted a layout that was open and inviting. They wanted to make use of an entertaining bar area and modernize it, space for cooking and hosting as well as nook storage and a better appliance layout.


The current layout in the U shape was closed off and uninviting. The peninsula in the existing space was unbalanced and not efficient. The first floor layout needed to be reconfigured and for a better flow with a lighting plan that enhanced the space.

Solution with results that paid off

After consulting with the clients and assessing their needs, our design team came up with a plan to reconfigure the space and open up the kitchen layout.

To create a better layout, the team proposed eliminating the peninsula and adding an island. The island would incorporate additional seating, more countertop space and storage as well as create a new traffic pattern in the kitchen.
To create efficient use of storage we included full height pantry cabinets, buffet storage and nook storage. Open shelving allowed for clients to store cookbooks and store reading books near their nook as well as add dimension to the space.

To better enhance appliance layout and first floor flow we centered the range on the main wall to create a functional cooking triangle. Adding the sink to the island allowed for a multi-person use kitchen. The oven and microwave wall as well as new placement of the fridge create a balanced layout.

This finished kitchen project opens up their first floor to a large family room that was previously closed off. The new layout will allow this family to entertain and cook together.