About our client

Lombard, Illinois

This couple in Lombard was hoping to renovate their entire basement to better match their style and create a functional layout.


The clients wanted a space they could entertain their family and friends. They wanted a functioning pub with exposed brick and cocktail storage. It was also important to include their personalized style and incorporate an exercise space.


The existing basement was unfinished with exposed pipes and wiring. Due to limited natural light we were challenged to keep the space as open as possible. We needed to find areas to serve as pub with plenty of storage and find a secluded space for a workout room.

Solution with results that paid off

After consulting with the clients and assessing their needs, our design team came up with a plan to finish the basement with a plan for entertaining.

To keep an open feel and fit the pub aesthetic we proposed leaving the ceilings exposed and suggested the clients paint the ceiling including all wiring and exposed beams a solid color. This change allows the space to feel open and without the need to furr down the ceiling the natural light is able to shine with ceiling heights unchanged.

To include a pub we proposed a bar with dual height seating. Open shelving allowed for the accent brick wall to stand out and offered plenty of storage. Opposing cabinets brought to the ceiling accent the shelf wall and give the space a nice back drop. Including a dual height bar allowed us to bring in a natural element to balance the space.

We were able to include storage and remain an “open feel” by adding full heigh cabinets and open shelves opposite the bar. Keeping the cabinet color the same allows for them to function in the same space and be used for dual purpose. To create an exercise space that had purpose we proposed closing off a portion of the basement opposite the bar to allow for an open area in between. The use of barn doors acts as a fun design element and allows the workout area to be closed off when in use.

This finished basement project turned out to be everything this couple was hoping for. We were able to create a balanced space that fits the clients style and will be used for entertaining their loved ones for years to come.