DIANA RIZKO - DESIGNfirst Builders


Interior Design & Development

Enhancing our team since August 2012

Diana has had a passion for Art and design since she was young. This passion led her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Lebanese American University and a Masters degree in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design.

Under the supervision of Italian designers, and living and traveling through Europe, as well as working for an award winning designer in Beirut, Diana found herself exposed to outstanding Architecture and Interior Design techniques; all while teaching as an assistant professor of Interior Design at the Private University of Science and Art in Syria. This experience has not only instilled an appreciation for beauty, but also a need to express it and creating it as well.

Diana joined our team fueled with the most important ingredient- imagination- yet she remains aware of the importance of discipline in every small detail. Diana is one of many talents, but perhaps the best talent she possesses is the ability to provide our clients with a positive and enjoyable remodeling experience.